“He taught me to bike, row, how you can exceed the speed limit by 20% without getting busted. She spoke of adult matters in English. She taught me to always floss. To put things back where they belong. They hated reactionaries, but waited years before buying a VCR. They were both from Oslo. Remembered places we passed. Slightly deaf, he insisted on hearing the absurd: “What do you think is best?” “Got waffles on your chest?” They thought intellecual achievement was superior to sports success. They were sympathetic to celebrities who protected their privacy. They made me a critical reader, contemptuous of the less eloquent. But anyone I brought home got a warm welcome. They never missed the evening news. He took a test, then proudly told us he had an artistic personality. He said people who valued military experience were dull. She held a tolerant view on drugs. He wanted to ban barbecuing in parks. Democracy was just the best alternative. She thought Bardot should help people, not animals. They respected my privacy. Maybe too much. They taught me religion is a weakness. I don’t know if I agree. They never taught me to cook or build a relationship, but they seemed happy. They never told me how friendship dissolves until you’re strangers, friends in name only. They let me be picky about food. She said I could do as I wished. Decide what to be, who to love, where to live. They would always help me. They were stricter with my sister than with me” — Oslo, 31. August (via knockturnul)

Eva Green Week
Day 1: Favourite role

I like characters who have strong façades and then have secrets. They have cracks.

kinda just want to quit everything 

televison meme: [2/10] tv shows → House MD
↳ It’s a basic truth of the human condition that everybody lies. The only variable is about what.

Bones - 10x02 - The Lance to the Heart BTS (x)

greendale seven appreciation week(s): day seven
free choice: pop culture references